Through the Lens of Kindness

Can you feel it? Can you see it? Just look closer and see the kindness movement happening all around. Well, at least that’s how I see it now.

I remember being in college and taking courses for my major on politics, ongoing conflicts, wars, and I would get out of class so overwhelmed and hopeless (don’t get me wrong I love what I studied, international relations). I saw the world through the lenses of chaos, desperation, never-ending conflicts. I found myself concentrating solely on all the bad happening in the world.

I wanted to change my perspective, the lenses through which I saw the world. So, I started using social media to connect with people and organizations, following accounts that were spreading kindness and motivating individuals to do the same.

Look at the world through the lens of kindness; believe me, you’ll be glad you did! Be inspired by the people that are already making it their mission to spread kindness in this world. Seeing so much good be done by humanity inspires us to make our own good too.

Be inspired!

I started connecting with different people and organizations and was amazed at all the beautiful ways that kindness can change a life and make a difference in this world. I was inspired to go out and make my little contribution to this world. It changed my perspective and found that looking at the world through the lens of kindness gave me a sense of purpose.

I started volunteering more, looking for opportunities to share kindness with anyone I could, and inspiring others to do the same. I knew that instead of thinking about all the heartbreaking situations happening in the world and feeling hopeless, there was something I could do, spread kindness!

It’s easy to believe that there is more bad than good in the world but changing the lens through which I viewed the world showed I was wrong. There’s so much good being done all around. You probably need to change your lenses through which you’re viewing the world. There are groups of people around the world, spreading kindness, love, and hope. So, let that inspire you and see how beautiful our world can be if we let kindness inspire us.

Join the movement!

The internet and social media are a great starting point. Start by connecting and finding out the different ways individuals and organizations are spreading kindness, find ideas on how you can spread kindness. So if you are wondering what to do about the problems in the world, join the kindness movement.

By doing so, you are contributing to a better world. You will be helping to spread more good into the world. You will also be acting as an ambassador of kindness! How awesome does that sound? People will see what you are doing and will become inspired to do the same. The kindness movement will allow you to connect with others, be happier, and make a difference in someone’s life. The more goodness we do, the more people will join the movement. The more people join the movement, the more people will see the world through the lens of kindness.

Through the lens of kindness!

Being able to see the world through kindness enables us to see this world as a more beautiful and hopeful place. It also lets us unravel from the stress and anxiety that all the bad news and conflicts we see and hear can bring. Not only that but looking through the lens of kindness also lets us enjoy more of the good this world can give. It allows us to enjoy all the goodness around us and shows us that there is hope for the future of this world.

“Kindness is like glue. It’s glue that holds people together. It even holds society together. In my opinion, were it not for kindness, the fabric of society would unravel. It’s the multitude of small gestures, acts of assistance, support, guidance, a listening ear, even a cup of tea, that help us get through our days intact and that hold the wider fabric together.” — David Hamilton

So, come on, get inspired, join the movement, and see the world in a different way!


International Relations enthusiastic. Coffee lover. Founder of my little contribution @mylittlecontribution

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