All We Have Is Today

Theater 5, Row 3, Seat 14. I was mindlessly eating popcorn when this thought suddenly appeared: All we have is today. It was only the middle of the previews, yet I was struck by this thought and pondered it for the rest of the movie.

If we can’t go back and we aren’t promised tomorrow, then how will I live today?

Speak your truth

The reason we don’t always speak our truth is because it makes us feel vulnerable and can lead to rejection. Yet — what if all we have is today? If today is all I have then I will speak my truth. I will boldly tell people that I love them. When we release our expectations and fears regarding rejection and the promise of a future time when we might speak our truth, we are free to share that truth — and share our love.

Wear the clothes

I don’t know about you, but I have several outfits in my wardrobe that I save for “special occasions.” These articles of clothing I deem “too magnificent” to wear on an ordinary Monday. Yet — what if all we have is today, an ordinary Monday? That thought is a true game changer. If today is the only assurance I have, then I will not put off wearing the studded blazer that always feels like “too much” and I will pair it with statement-making cheetah wedges, even if it’s “only” Monday.

Get vulnerable

I vacillate between wanting to be seen and desiring to be hidden. It is a constant inward power struggle that I think about far too often. For me, the truth is this: I don’t want to be seen because I am scared. If I show up and feel vulnerable, will I be hurt? Yet — what if all we have is today? If this moment is all I have, then I want to be seen and known. I want this because I want to see others and that means that I have to show up for them first — uninhibited by expectations.

There is no safe investment. To love at all is to be vulnerable. — C.S. Lewis

Take a risk

I wouldn’t categorize myself as risk averse –that is, I have had my fair share of adventure — but in the context of relationships I often shy away from trying new things because I don’t want to “mess it up.” When this thought crosses my mind, I try to dismantle it by asking a simple question — “by whose standards will I be messing it up?” Subscribing to old ways of thinking and behaving is no longer enough if you want to seize the moment. You are responsible for your life and it is your job to make sure that you live a life that will make you proud. If today is all you have, take a risk!

Share the spotlight

Success isn’t about how fast you can climb alone, but how quickly you can rise together. These types of foundation-based relationships are what help us all as a collective whole. When I remember this, it no longer matters who gets the credit, rather, what we have achieved together as a whole.

Turn your shoulders into slides

People won’t always like you or appreciate everything you do, but that’s something you must expect. You will definitely mess up in life — but today is all you have. Are you sure you want to spend your time elevating your heart rate over little things that won’t matter in the long run?

Show up

If you feel intimidated by someone, just remember that adults are simply children disguised in older bodies. No one truly knows the answers. Everyone is doing their best. Remember this and show up standing tall. You have a seat at the table. What you bring is important.

Today is the only day we have. Fantasizing about the past won’t bring it any closer and tomorrow isn’t a guarantee. Wear the clothes and boldly share your heart — you are alive, you are breathing, you are here and this is a special occasion!

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