Show you’re thinking of them from afar

Don’t let distance get in the way of connecting with those you care about most. Send thoughtful, timely gifts and video messages to share love — and a smile.
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“Free to download, KOYA lets you replicate the feeling of in-person spontaneity and fun by letting users send thoughtful gifts, say, a takeout meal… [or] coffee from their favorite coffee shop.”

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Combat COVID-19 loneliness with KOYA

With KOYA, you can show up for those you care about while respecting social distancing guidelines — and keeping your loved ones safe.

One download…endless surprise and delight

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1. Pick a location


KOYA uses geolocation to let you surprise friends and loved ones with location-specific gifts and messages.

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2. Make it personal


Record a heartfelt or playful video to appear when your friend or loved one is near the location you chose.

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3. Send a gift


Add optional $$$ via PayPal — like a gift card to their favorite cafe, store, or coffee shop — as a cherry on top.

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4. Hit send


Send hints to turn your KOYA into a fun scavenger hunt, so they know your message is waiting for them.

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Who uses KOYA?

Anyone can use KOYA to let others know that they care.

➡️ Couples in long-distance relationships
➡️ Managers of remote teams
➡️ Families apart because of COVID-19
➡️ Best friends who live in different states
➡️ Real estate agents
➡️ Empty nesters
➡️ and many, many more!

Show up for the people you care about

“Thinking of purposeful positive experiences, KOYA is a true feel-good idea. It allows you to send an act of kindness to anywhere in the world.”
– Phoebe Arkell of Rooks Nest Ventures